HTTP Test Tool

Load Test Example

Start on your host you want to use to generate load the following command:

htremote -r -p 8080 -e "/path/to/httest -Ssn"

httest -Ssn runs the script absolut silent. The -r option tels htremote to restart after httest has terminated, -p defines on which port this agent is listening and -e specifies the command to exectute in our case it is httest.

Your script may look like that

PERF:RAMPUP 100 60000

_LOOP 600000 [ms]
_REQ 80
__GET /index.html HTTP/1.1
__User-Agent: httest-2.2.5

Explanation: The 2000 CLIENTs will be distribute on the host the script is running and on, and In this case on every host there are 500 CLIENTs running. The script will wait until all host are finished with their job.

With the new PERF:RAMPUP you can define how many Clients per interval should be started. Even _LOOP can now handle time instead of count. In this example a client do run vor 10 minutes. Every minute we start a 100 clients.